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Fintech is the technical term used to define financial technology. It is a communion between ICT and financial services, whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of financial markets and provide more efficient services to investors.

What are the particularities of Fintech Companies?

Fintech companies stand out for making intensive use of technology within the financial sector. Combining these two sectors provides added value but puts into play a complex regulatory framework.
For example, any innovative company must respect commercial regulations, which affect fair competition, advertising, and the protection of consumers and users. Besides, when operating online you need to respect electronic commerce regulations and personal data protection.
The financial sector regulations must be also considered part of these issues. Community regulations such as PSD2 are crucial, as equally important are the laws on money-laundering prevention, terrorist financing, and the authorizations of the CNMV.
In short, the fintech sector is highly promising but also intricate. And this is where the advantages of having a Fintech Law firm become effective.

What advantages do Fintech Lawyers bring to companies in the sector?

Companies that bring innovation and technological developments to the financial sector need to comply with a dense regulatory framework. Also, all innovation turns into intangible assets, which require a certain level of protection through the use of Intellectual Property Law. Fintech Lawyers are perfectly aware of these needs.
Even though a company must have a legal department, Fintech companies depend even more on Lawyers' assistance. Many of their projects evolve faster than the legislative activity itself, which requires having a solid legal shield and using tools such as the Regulatory Sandbox.
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This requires deep knowledge about various legal sectors such as Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Law, Electronic Commerce, or Financial Law. In addition to the ability to anticipate the legal needs of the industry.
Although these requirements can make finding the right advisor complex, the industry has seen exponential growth in its short decade of existence. That is why many entrepreneurs and investors are betting on fintech projects. Intending to help you meet all your legal needs, we have assembled a first-rate team of Fintech Lawyers to offer you the best legal structure.

Fintech Advisory Services: How can we help you?

Our Fintech advisory services include all the assistance you need to guarantee the legal security of your organization and to operate as an authorized Fintech Company. Among them:
We, therefore, offer a complete advisory system for Fintech Companies. We cover the entire preventive sector to protect the legal certainty companies such as operations consulting, preventive advice, fundraising, project management, or obtaining licenses need.
- Project adaptation to the applicable regulatory framework, including data protection and protection of intangible assets (Intellectual and Industrial Property and Business Secrets).

- Preventive legal advice and technical consultations, preparation of reports and contracts and negotiation with third parties.

- Judicial defence and administrative resources.

- Management of data and commercial and international contracts.

- Prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.

- Credit recovery and restructuring.

- Regulation of Fair Competition, Means of Payment, PSD2, Advertising ...

- Financing rounds and obtaining alternative financing.

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Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular, both at the investment and speculation level. Regardless of the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, many startups have taken their first steps thanks to an ICO. Besides, crypto-asset trading platforms lack specific regulation nowadays.
Therefore, both the design of these platforms and the raising of funds through an ICO require experience in the sector, knowledge of the applicable regulations and the ability to offer flexible and efficient legal responses. These characteristics define a Fintech Lawyer.

Methods of Payment and Transactions

Methods of payment represent one of the most developed fintech sectors. With e-commerce growing rapidly (especially in the COVID-19 crisis aftermath), many businesses need digital transactions and payment systems offering economical and easy-to-implement solutions.
But managing means of payment and transactions involves significant risks for the company, its users and the market in general. That is why it is convenient to act with the support of a Fintech Lawyer who guarantees the legal security of the company.

Personal Finance

Another of the most successful applications of fintech has to do with personal finance management. These projects not only make people's lives easier but also provide the company with a significant volume of data with high added value.
The obtained data can be used to recommend products to the user or be analyzed using Big Data techniques to develop new solutions in the sector.
This kind of use of the information must be respectful with the protection of personal data. The Fintech Lawyer must guarantee the confidentiality of the information collected, its use under current legislation and the limitation of liability over security breaches or illegitimate use of data.

Investment, wealth management and stock brokerage/Financial intermediaries

Fintech services are also becoming increasingly important in investment services, wealth management and stock brokerage. The use of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain allows making optimal decisions in record time.
However, we would be facing risky operations, especially when the project manages high investment volumes. That is why operational analysis must be carried out to detect and isolate the company's legal risks, for which a Fintech Lawyer can be highly useful.

Participatory Financing Platforms

Crowdfunding is an alternative financing method becoming increasingly popular. That is why many Fintech Companies dedicate to channelling collective investments, founding Participatory Financing Platforms.
They act as intermediaries between promoters and investors outside the secondary market. Although not considered investment services companies, they are subject to some of the financial sector rules and the CNMV restrictions. Hence, the assistance of a Fintech Lawyer is advisable when articulating a Participatory Financing Platform or guiding a fundraising action through it.

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